{06.26.08, 10:27pm}  Wade: love the sac!

{06.26.08, 04:05pm}  Jeff Rodgers: WOW... I must know who that strikingly handsome and unassuming man is. He must be the perfect man to let his wife photograph him with a cape on. That is a mans man if I ever saw one. He has GREAT taste in photography gear yay SHOOTSAC!!

{06.26.08, 04:04pm}  Lanne: Jess - maybe a super hero line is due? A comic book cross over for the big kids who like to dress up?

{06.26.08, 03:59pm}  Sandie: How the heck did Jeff end up in a shootsac and a cape :) curious minds want to know. Makes me want to hit the beach myself!