{12.16.08, 03:54am}  Cathy Crawley: Gee these models look so familiar, I wonder where I've seen them before ;)

{11.23.08, 09:48am}  leah stafford: this one is going right into the shopping cart, LOVE.

{11.17.08, 10:23pm}  Vivien: Fab new cover! Candice and Mark are so cute together! They totally make great models :)

{11.17.08, 09:02pm}  emily: LOooovvvveee this. I'm such a sucker for green.

{11.17.08, 03:38pm}  Kristin Rogers: Totally darling...

{11.17.08, 02:57am}  Kricia Morris: BY FAR my new favorite! I can't wait to get this one under my Christmas tree this year!!!

{11.16.08, 11:06pm}  Deyla: I think this one hasto be my new fave!!!

{11.15.08, 08:05pm}  Louise: You were wearing this one in one of the NY videos I saw. I can't wait to try it on.

{11.15.08, 10:24am}  jamie Delaine: I just have to comment and say how ridiculously cute Candice+Mark are everyday. That's all. :)

{11.15.08, 08:20am}  Neha: This one is so, so cute!! Love the colors and the pattern!! Gosh, this is going to be hard to choose just ONE! Love NOMAD too!

{11.15.08, 06:33am}  Cathy and David: I think Cat's going to love this one when she sees it! :)