{07.14.07, 10:47am}  Melissa Koehler: Yeah for Jasmine! I agree, a very sweet person. Love the photos of her in action.

{07.13.07, 07:08pm}  Matthew Saville: It never fails, people who are 100x better than me forget the "nomenclature" of their own gear. As mentioned, that's an 85mm f/1.8, the 24-70 is not "IS", the 50mm is f/1.4, and the "secret weapon" (un-labeled) lens is probably a fisheye ince it's got a "push-on" cap... Now I need to shut up and go take better pictures... Beautiful photos, Jasmine! =Matt=

{07.13.07, 02:20pm}  Jasmine*: Thanks to Patrick who left a comment on my blog...it's the 85mm, not the 80mm! Sorry for the confusion!! And the aperture is 1.8. :)

{07.13.07, 09:22am}  Mindy: What aperture on the 50 and 80? I love those photos, just gorgeous!

{07.12.07, 10:41pm}  Jasmine C: Love the photos! :)

{07.12.07, 07:18pm}  Jasmine*: Holllllllla! Thanks for the blog lovin', Jess! And to those photographers debating whether to purchase a Shootsac...DO IT! I can't believe how much I love and depend on it! It's an awesome investment! :)

{07.12.07, 10:31am}  Anna: Beautiful Jasmine! These are lovely and your SHOOTSAC looks as light as a feather as you are working!

{07.12.07, 08:21am}  amy: jasmine, I just found your blog a few days ago. Your work is beautiful and I love the words you use to describe your clients. Thanks Jessica for sharing this with us. Inspiration is a beautiful thing.

{07.12.07, 02:08am}  Tony: Congrats, Jasmine.