{09.11.08, 09:58am}  Holly Steen: I think ShootSac should bring this design cover back.. It is beautiful

{09.04.08, 01:03pm}  Stephen : This is a beautiful photo.

{07.13.07, 10:05am}  Kaitlin: I'm so excited to see what's new!!

{07.13.07, 09:40am}  jessica claire: Jamie, probably a week or so. We are trying to make sure we have a healthy stock of everything before we reopen.

{07.13.07, 07:44am}  Jamie Weiss: How long does it take to get the bag in my hands once I order???

{07.13.07, 01:32am}  Anna: Beautiful colors....I can't wait to see the rest! Thanks for a sneak peek Jessica!

{07.13.07, 01:17am}  jessica claire: Stacey, there will be AT LEAST 12-15 new covers released, and some from last time as well. Some of the original ones will not be back. Out with the old, in with the new! BTW, this cover pic has been adjusted--in real life it is much more muted and rich. I will be shooting accurate photos in the next day or two in time for the launch.

{07.13.07, 01:08am}  StacyZ: That is a gorgeous cover how many new covers will be released on Tuesday? Gotta set my alarm for then!