{07.17.07, 09:03am}  Brooke @ Steven Tackeff: Steven has had that bag since forever. We do have nice bags, but he's a guy & he likes certain things worn in. Although recently Pixel (our cat) has claimed that bag as his own. Hence needing a replacement. lol. :)

{07.15.07, 03:35pm}  Anna: OK, that cat pick is the worst! :) It makes me want to sneeze!

{07.15.07, 10:10am}  Calvin Tamás: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It just arrived the other day! I couldn't believe it! What a treat! I thank you all dearly!

{07.14.07, 11:58pm}  Lisa Boyd: I can totally see why you picked this one. EWWWWWWW!

{07.14.07, 12:21am}  keats Elliott: Oh Jess you have to post a few more -- I was on the floor (crying ...) there were some super sad ones and we have ALL been there!