{07.15.07, 01:25am}  olivia wagner: I can't wait to see more covers. I already want a new one and my bag is less than a month old! Is it sad that I pick out my clothes to coordinate with my shootsac?? Love the new Jasmine* LE cover!

{07.14.07, 06:58pm}  Leah Simmers: Now if you only new how perfect this would be for me with orange circles. :) This is gorgeous though, the colors the design and goes easy for guy or girl. I want more!!! :) Can't wait to order a cover for my naked bag

{07.14.07, 05:18pm}  millie: I love it! You are totally going to make me want more covers and I already have enough! Great job on finding one that matched Marisa's branding, it is totally perfect!

{07.14.07, 04:56pm}  Anna: That bag rocks! I love the colors! MORE, MORE! :)

{07.14.07, 04:09pm}  Amber: Oh, I'm getting worried now that I may need every single one of the new ones. sigh. Glad I got my shootsac in the last round, so I'll have more money to spend on the new covers. Thanks Jess! I love everything!

{07.14.07, 01:58pm}  Marisa Holmes: Thanks Jess you rock! I can't wait to get my hands on it!