{07.17.07, 01:11pm}  Wendi: This is officially my new favorite flap! I cannot wait to get it!!!

{07.16.07, 08:24pm}  MichelleR: Ok, great - thanks Jessica. I'm not into spam either, so I appreciate it! :) Can't wait to see everything later! ~M

{07.16.07, 08:04pm}  jessica claire: Michelle, yes, absolutely! Nobody has received anything--the blast software is not set to kick back an email when you join (i'm anti spam)

{07.16.07, 07:39pm}  MichelleR: Hi Jessica, I just wanted to confirm that we can still purchase tonight even if we don't get the email blast for some reason, correct? (I did submit my email, but I haven't received anything from you, so I am a little paranoid I won't get it!) :) Thanks!

{07.16.07, 05:55pm}  Anna: Great...thanks!

{07.16.07, 03:05pm}  jessica claire: anna, most major cc's are accepted

{07.16.07, 02:44pm}  Anna: What cards do you take? :)

{07.16.07, 01:16pm}  amy: might I just say that I am "thankful" that you have been so patient with my technical questioning and that I love the new covers you have "sneak peeked" us and can't wait to see what's new. I have no idea how you fit everything you do into a day. Exhausting!

{07.16.07, 01:10pm}  jessica claire: amy, yes, exactly. if you were to check it out at that time, you'd be among the first to see!

{07.16.07, 12:28pm}  amy: ok, so tonight (monday) at midnight you are going to send the email telling us that the site is live to purchase. So theoretically I could begin checking the shootsac website tomorrow (tuesday) at 2 a.m. cst , right.

{07.16.07, 11:27am}  JB: Quote "JB--nope, sorry! Gotta save something good for the launch :)" That sounds fair. Looking forward to seeing all the new covers tonight! :-)

{07.16.07, 10:38am}  jessica claire: I'm going to send the blast at midnight PST, but it's possible you won't get it for a few minutes after that. It may take a little while for it to send, the blast software takes care of it.

{07.16.07, 10:22am}  amy: Tony, sorry, I know you guys are PST and not EST and I know there is not a three hour difference between EST and CST. I told you I was time challenged!!! Is that 12a.m. on Tuesday or 12 a.m. on Wednesday for the email or the site launch or both?

{07.16.07, 10:06am}  Tony: Ann, the site will show fresh inventory beginning at 12 a.m. PST, 1 a.m. MST, 2 A.M. CST, and 3 a.m. EST.

{07.16.07, 09:49am}  amy: Ok, Jessica-for those of us who appear to be time challenged (including me), let me get this straight. Shortly after 12 p.m. EST tonght (Monday) which would be 3 am CST on Tuesday morning, you will be sending an email announcing the launch. Will the launch be happening at the same time the email is sent or will it occur shortly after 12 p.m. EST (Tuesday) which is 3 a.m. CST on Wednesday morning. I just need to know when to set me clock!

{07.16.07, 08:36am}  jessica claire: JB--nope, sorry! Gotta save something good for the launch :)

{07.16.07, 05:45am}  JB: You mentioned in a previous post that there were 12-15 new covers available. Would it be possible to just post a quick picture of them today before you launch them tonight?

{07.16.07, 12:07am}  Shari: Ackkkk! Only one more to view??? Shame! You guys shure know how to build up the tension, huh? ;P