{07.18.07, 09:46am}  Robin Dini: I love my shootsac! I shot with it last weekend for the first time in 100 degree heat and it was awesome. I was so scared that a black bag was going to "weigh" me down...but it worked out great. Many compliments on the design. I used it last weekend with my flash battery pack inside and I never took it off! Sometimes I forgot I even had it on. Thank you again! Can't wait to accesorize and buy more covers. You have a great product here. Thanks again.

{07.17.07, 02:16pm}  david baxter: david baxter: hi jessica i sent you some pics of me and my shootsac. i've also posted some on my blog www.sdohana.com/blog/ with rave reviews . i've actually gotten quite a few nice comments about my bag. i love it! it's so easy to move around with and never gets in my way or hits people in tight spaces like my other one did. hope to buy my daughter one soon, the whining is driving me nuts :) thanks jessica!!! if you all haven't gotten one , what are you waiting for?!

{07.17.07, 01:11pm}  Wendi: This is turning into an obsession. I've had 5 different flaps in my shopping cart all morning, trying to narrow it down to two, and I can't!!! One apparently sold out, so that helps. I might have to just get one and wait on more new ones to come out. I love the idea of custom logos, too! How soon will these be shipping?

{07.17.07, 11:26am}  jessica claire: NT, retro and bold are gone, but we do have a line of simple solids coming that will eventually also allow custom logo placement! The solids just haven't arrived yet.

{07.17.07, 10:13am}  NT: Jessica - will retro or bold be coming back? Or for that matter, any plans for solid no print covers?

{07.17.07, 09:06am}  IreneC from Hong Kong: So happy to see the website relaunch since I have missed it last time, now I got my favourite ShootSac and cover ordered! Can't wait to see the "real" bags and use it at once! :D

{07.17.07, 08:58am}  carrie@urbanbaby: got my "delightful" anthro bird cover last week - thanks tony!! everything here @ urban baby has the bird, so i just had to bring it into my shootsac too ;) thanks! -c

{07.17.07, 07:48am}  stephan Maloman: Where is the part where you go "but wait there is more"? CUTE. ;)

{07.17.07, 02:31am}  Andreanna: I have to wait until the morning to try and buy one...I hope I don't miss out again :(

{07.17.07, 02:23am}  Jamie: Hey Lisa... I'm EST too so I'm right here with you! I too set my cell alarm to wake me up!

{07.17.07, 02:18am}  Lisa F: YEAH!!! I am so glad my cell phone alarm worked!!! I am in Michigan and probably the only crazy up at 3:14 and happy to make a on-line purchase. "What would you do for a Shootsac Purchase???"(need to sing the Klondike bar tune)

{07.17.07, 02:15am}  Anna: I placed my order....now I WAIT...again! I am so excited! I can't wait to get ! :) Thanks Jessica and I love the commercial!

{07.17.07, 02:11am}  Sinead: Wee-hee! Got them! Plural. Birthday presents to myself. I've been a very bad girl. And so to bed... (Finally!)

{07.17.07, 02:09am}  Nataly: I can't wait to get mine!