{07.17.07, 08:47pm}  jessica claire: there will be more LAVISH sooooooon

{07.17.07, 08:46pm}  jessica claire: Sophisticated is the most beautiful deep pink and black. It's a really great thick fabric, you're going to love it.

{07.17.07, 07:45pm}  Lisa Walsh: Arrrrgghh! Lavish looked sooo yummy, but it was sold out by the time I got to the computer. I ordered Sophisticated because it looked like it would match my branding, but now I'm a little worried. It IS pink and black, isn't it?

{07.17.07, 07:18pm}  Carmen: I LOVE LAVISH!!! I want one PLEASE!!!!! AHHHHHHH.

{07.17.07, 10:08am}  zoe: Hi Jessica, any idea how hard it will be to get lavish? (as in how many you will be releasing when)I'm rather paranoid by now, but it seems silly to keep checking the site every 5 minutes!

{07.17.07, 09:33am}  jessica claire: suzie, i wish! it's completely gone. as they say in the fashion world, "that's sooooo last season". So it's not looking good.

{07.17.07, 04:51am}  Suzie: YAY, I just got mine (plural)!!!! Hey Jess, any chance you'll be getting more Desire??! If not, no biggie. I've got more than enough to use in the meantime!!! AWESOME fabrics this time, by the way!!!

{07.17.07, 02:34am}  zoe: Same thing happened to me! Right out of my cart while waiting for the code :( I agree, it would be nice if the swatched stayed up, but just said out of stock.

{07.17.07, 02:33am}  jessica claire: Dee, there is 100% for sure more Lavish coming this week.

{07.17.07, 02:29am}  Dee: Hope you are able to procure more of the Lavish fabric. It was in my cart but by the time I placed my order, it was already gone! :-( The other 4 that i purchased were very pretty but that was my favorite.

{07.17.07, 02:24am}  Angela: Is there a way you could leave the covers up but without the option to add to the cart once it sells out? I would love to see them all just to know what will be coming back in stock, I missed a few while I was waiting on the code.

{07.17.07, 02:20am}  Jamie: yes... me too! All I can say is if you start making clothes for photographers... I'm in big trouble! You are great and I'm glad that everything is working so well for you! I've got my order in and now I'll just have to wait. I wish there was an expedited shipping option!

{07.17.07, 02:02am}  jessica claire: jamie, there was a time when 3am was the time i was coming home instead of getting up :)

{07.17.07, 02:00am}  Jamie: Darn you, Jessica! Here I am at 3 AM getting up to my alarm just to buy a bag I've been waiting on.... I don't ever recall getting up so early, just to buy something! This had better be good!

{07.17.07, 01:01am}  jessica claire: sorry guys, this fabric is no cheapie. i wanted to make a bedspread out of it but alas, it is too $$$.

{07.17.07, 01:00am}  Shari: LAVISH! Oh, now that's what I'm talkin' about! I L-O-V-E Lavish!

{07.17.07, 12:58am}  zoe: LOVE this one! I hope it's not one of the really expensive covers.. although it sounds like it from the description!

{07.16.07, 11:40pm}  Rylee Sundquist: The last clip on my camera bag broke this weekend....perfect timing for me to buy a new shootsac! I am sooo excited. I am gonna be stylin' at my upcoming weddings!

{07.16.07, 11:35pm}  jessica claire: in case there is any confusion out there the SITE IS NOT UP FOR ORDERING YET! That is why if you try to add anything to your cart right now you won't be able to do it. Regarding warranty, faq's etc, that information will be available on the site when it launches, which I have said repeatedly over every post on this blog, will be in 2.5 hours, or midnight, PST. Also, comments posted by users who do not leave a real identity and email address will be removed immediately.

{07.16.07, 09:19pm}  Detra: I can't decide which one I like more!!! We just closed on a house so I can't buy my Shootsac yet, but I am definitely going to get a few covers for later, just in case they are all gone! Oh this is killing me!!!!

{07.16.07, 08:09pm}  Leah Simmers: Holy canoli I love it! You're so kind to show us more while we wait, thanks!

{07.16.07, 05:55pm}  Anna: LOVE IT... :)

{07.16.07, 05:36pm}  Sinead: you. are. killing. me.