{07.22.07, 07:07pm}  Tony: Uh...that's you're welcome:)

{07.22.07, 07:06pm}  Tony: Your welcome, Daisy.

{07.22.07, 05:51pm}  Daisy: LOVE LOVE the Beachy cover! I didn't see it at the relaunch earlier, but got it today! Living by the beach myself, it suits me! Thanks so much for adding it.

{07.20.07, 09:43pm}  Tony: Lisa, I'll be adding 122 Lavish Covers to the site this evening.

{07.20.07, 06:26pm}  Lisa Walsh: Leah, I'm sooo jealous you got a Lavish cover! They were sold out when I ordered my bag a few days ago, then they restocked them after I placed my order. UGH! I emailed CS to see if they could switch and let me pay the difference, but I never heard back and I see my card was charged for the original amount. I'm so bummed.

{07.20.07, 05:39pm}  Leah Simmers: Just got my lavish cover in themail and it is to die for, it is gorgeous!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! All I expected and more, thanks Jessica

{07.19.07, 09:21pm}  Andreanna: Woohoo I just got my bag and cover! Love it so far, can't wait to use it on a shoot!

{07.19.07, 06:28pm}  Nataly: I got my shootsac and two covers and they are so beautiful!!! I did not expect them to get to me so quick!!! Thanks, Jessica.

{07.17.07, 10:13pm}  jessica claire: dee that is a fantastic idea. maybe for our fall line!

{07.17.07, 10:10pm}  Dee: Tx for the update that you've restocked "Lavish". Ironic that I woke up (4:00 a.m.) buying Shootsac covers and am going to bed buying Shootsac covers. I won't even confess how many I now have -- let's just say I'm stylin' in North Carolina. :-) Suggestion -- I LOVE, LOVE,LOVE the quotes that accompanies each cover with the colored background. I would like to see a card included in the purchase with that same color background and the quote on it in the same font and size as on the description on your site. Just really love the fabu quotes. :-)

{07.17.07, 10:02pm}  Carmen Perez: I just wanted to say that DJ rocks!!!!! I love that SHOWIT!!! Also, I just got Lavish, YAY!!!!!!! Jessica you are awesome. This reminds me of the beanie baby frenzy. LOL. I love my Shootsac!!!!

{07.17.07, 09:21pm}  DJ: That's too awesome! We were blogging about each other at the same time! LOL ... You rock! I AM IN LOVE w/ my Shootsac! Rock on!

{07.17.07, 08:57pm}  jessica claire: Just an FYI--I'm expecting to sell out again with bags and covers, and although the store will NOT be shut down and we will accept back orders at least for the bag, if you want these covers it'd be best to grab 'em while you can!