{08.03.07, 07:01pm}  jessica claire: Trudy, I'm working on it! I keep emailing people and asking them to send me photos but nobody wants to send them to me, it's so weird! In any case, I'll have an update tonight :)

{08.02.07, 04:03pm}  Trudy: Wow - Scarlett is lucky! She's been featured for almost two weeks now. Any chance you'll post something new? What's going on with Shootsac the company? Updates, please.

{07.24.07, 11:21pm}  Scarlett Lillian: Johnny- Because I wasn't using it outdoors. Just natural light. It was still on my camera from having just come from the ceremony in the church. :-)

{07.24.07, 10:43pm}  johnny: Why is the LS2 facing upward while shooting outdoors?

{07.24.07, 06:47pm}  Daisy: Thanks Tony!

{07.24.07, 01:10pm}  Tony: Daisy, I'll keep my eyes peeled for more Outrageous.

{07.24.07, 12:04pm}  Daisy: I REEEALLY like a previous cover called Outrageous. Will these ever be available again? I loved some of the older covers but couldn't buy them at the time and now many are no longer available. sigh...

{07.24.07, 11:45am}  Tony: Jessica, I just e-mailed you about your order. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

{07.24.07, 09:42am}  sharibarnes: LOVE that first pic!!! I just got my shootsac this week and LOVE it! Will send pics soon! So fun to see everyone in action with it!

{07.24.07, 01:33am}  Jessica C. Moritz: Hey Scarlett, congratulations, great feature! I am still waiting for my shootsac.....and wait.. and wait...

{07.23.07, 10:26pm}  Scarlett Lillian: Wow! Thanks so much Jessica for the showcase and awesome compliments! You made my night! I love my ShootSac!!!

{07.23.07, 08:36pm}  jessica claire: oops! it's fixed now, so sorry!

{07.23.07, 08:18pm}  Elizabeth: The blog link isn't working - I LOVE seeing everyone shooting with their sacs!