{09.21.10, 08:28pm}  Photography Tutorials: This was amazing. i learned so much watching Jasmine work her magic! Thanks for spreading awareness of this Shootsac!

{09.10.10, 04:17pm}  brittani: LOVE her!! she's actually the reason I found you, and your wonderful bags!! Of course, I don't have one yet. :/ Key word being YET!!! =)

{08.31.10, 07:14pm}  Sarah: Man, I love everyone's cute outfits, especially J*s!

{08.31.10, 01:14pm}  Shannon Gray: creativeLive with Jasmine was amazing! I learned so much and it has truly inspired me! I am asking for a shootsac for my birthday!! :) Love them!!

{08.27.10, 11:59pm}  Rima: I agree that it must be so much pressure to do the Creative Live event along with the awesome responsibility of capturing a wedding. Jasmine and JD are doing an amazing job with great poise. I love that she did this!!! AND shootsac is the greatest. Waiting to afford one because what photographer wouldn't want one. How about a one day sale on the bag itself :)