{10.01.10, 02:15am}  Lin and Jirsa Photography: Love the black & white shootsac! And the shots it's in :)

{09.27.10, 07:43pm}  SLR Lounge Photography: I like that the first picture is full of different stories.

{09.10.10, 04:18pm}  brittani: =) I love red hair. keep rocking it! ♥

{09.01.10, 11:19pm}  Kelly Vasami: I want to know about the strap on your Shootsac in the last picture - is this something new?

{08.31.10, 07:12pm}  Sarah: my daughter has curly hair and she feels the same way...we straight haired ladies don't understand!

{08.31.10, 03:11pm}  Karen : Lovin the red hair.

{08.31.10, 01:05pm}  Christy O: I love these shots of you and your curly hair! :)