{11.25.11, 11:13pm}  Beverly Goeman: Would the Camera pocket hold a D3? Also as someone else pointed out the bag is never shown with the body in it and the lenses. How much space is really available after the body is in the bag? If it truly holds all...it looks terrific

{11.22.11, 02:38pm}  Amy J: I really like the idea of this bag - I am just wondering what it looks like in two situations. 1. What does the bag look like on the inside with a camera in teh pocket - the video shows the lenses on the inside once the camera was taken out 2. I shoot with a grip on my camera - is there enough room for a camera, lens and grip in that pocket? I must say I love my shootsac but this does look like it may fill a need. Thanks.

{11.21.11, 03:06pm}  Jen Wood: I've been waiting for this bag for nearly 2 years! I could have gone and purchased something that would do, but knowing this was on the horizon, I couldn't! Can't wait to get it! It really looks like you guys thought of everything.