{06.07.07, 07:50pm}  Scarlett Williams: I just got mine from ordering it at Partnercon! I love it! I can't wait to start using it! Apparently great minds think alike, I had ordered the one Jessica Strickland got below and didn't even know it!

{06.06.07, 02:45pm}  Whitney: Is it possible for you to tell me what the basic cost of a shootsac is? I was trying to find my paper from WPPI and can not find it anywhere! I cant wait to order one!

{06.05.07, 12:23pm}  Millie: Yea!!! That means I should get mine this week... yippee! Can't wait!

{06.05.07, 09:01am}  Jennifer Grant: Oooh! am soooo geeked. I cannot wait to get that email. I've been chomping at the bit to get one, my husband is starting to give me looks! ;) Thanks for creating such an AWESOME bag.

{06.04.07, 07:02am}  Faye Sommer: Thanks Jess for the update on checking on thursday. Maybe that can help us all calm down a bit for just a few days. We're like kids at christmas!!!!!!

{06.04.07, 12:41am}  jessica claire: Laura, try hitting your refresh button right around Thursday...,

{06.04.07, 12:06am}  Kevin Swan: Jess, Good going! You're gonna take the photo world by storm. Maybe you can hook up with these folks and do some cross-promotion. I hear photographers use laptops... Coordinated laptop case and a Shootsac. How cool would that be? hahah http://www.fabrixcases.com/collection/laptop/delux.html

{06.03.07, 08:28pm}  laura stoddard: how many times do i need to check my email!!! seriously.. refresh.. check here.. refresh email. waiting.... not so patiently!

{06.03.07, 07:53pm}  jessica claire: geanette, yup they will! you can buy them seperate or with a bag.

{06.03.07, 07:35pm}  Geanette: I have my shootsac (had a friend buy it in vegas!) now I need a cover...will all the covers be available on the site as well?

{06.03.07, 02:11pm}  Darren House: Jess looking forward to it. Wish i had ordered mine in Las Vegas. The covers look so much fun. I think these will take off as a fashion accessory for everyone. Cheers

{06.02.07, 01:18pm}  Dee: how many times can i hit "REFRESH" in one weekend......waiting, waiting, waiting.......... :-) Ciao, Dee

{06.02.07, 10:16am}  Sarah: I can't wait that long!! Sorry, I never had any patience! Will shipping to the UK be available?

{06.02.07, 09:40am}  Elizabeth: I can hardly wait...is that Becker's arm?

{06.02.07, 08:37am}  laura stoddard: OOOHHH.. i can't wait! i'm gonna be checkin' my email like crazy!