{06.06.07, 11:23am}  Sherri: Ooooo... I can't wait!

{06.06.07, 06:57am}  Dee: ... curious as to why the one has the honor of being named "Jessica Claire"...... Ciao, Dee

{06.05.07, 11:31pm}  Dee: YEEEE HAWWWWWW!!!!!! (yelled in my best Southern voice!) :-))) Ciao, Dee Rasmussen Wake Forest, NC

{06.05.07, 08:05pm}  bobbi: YAYYYY!!!! I LOVE MY SHOOOOOOTSAC! :) Thanks for the mention :D

{06.05.07, 03:10pm}  Alea: Thank you for making something just so darn cool! I love it and can't wait! I also didn't know the covers were interchangable! I love it even more! Thanks again! Best wishes for your launch! :)

{06.05.07, 02:17pm}  Shy: I LOVE that my favorite pattern is called giddy! Its PERFECT!!!! Yay for your brilliance Jess!!!

{06.05.07, 01:43pm}  Sarah W: I can't wait!! I want all at least 5 of the covers already!!!

{06.05.07, 01:13pm}  nicole green: yay! i can't wait!

{06.05.07, 12:42pm}  scott neumyer: Google is a search engine (and about a million other things). bobbi+mike is the photo team. Hehehe Can't wait to get a Sac of Shoot!!