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wed. february 8, 2012

The other day I had a first in my over ten year photography career--shooting a birth! I must say, I felt exactly the way I used to feel when I first started shooting weddings...NERVOUS! For one thing, it was unpredictable. I didn't know when the baby was coming, what kind of situation I'd be walking into, or where I would need to be to get the shots that would best tell the story.

As it turned out, I finally got the call a little before 5am, rolled out of bed, grabbed my gear, and headed out the door! I had already pre-packed my Shootsac with charged batteries, clean CF cards, three lenses, and a granola bar, so all I had to do was grab my camera and dash out. The mom was an absolute rock star, and I had everything I needed right there with me the whole time. Good thing, because the room got so busy and crowded there's no way I could have run back and forth to grab everything I needed.

Thanks to my Shootsac, all my equipment was at my fingertips the moment I needed it.

And in case you were wondering, this is what I look like when I go shoot at 5 am (thanks to Jon's dad for the photo)!


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fri. february 3, 2012

I can't say it enough--I LOVE when people send me photos of themselves with their bags (shootsac, hipslip or tote and shoot) out in the field doing what they love to do!

Kenny Grill, our good friend and FABULOUS photographer sent over this gem of a photo of himself shooting. We love everything about it--the Shootsac, the lighting, and the photo he's shooting!


Got a photo for it? If we use it here on the blog we'll send you a $25 gift code for our store! Just email it at least 850px on the long side to: FLAMINGO@SHOOTSAC.COM!

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fri. january 27, 2012

Now that we're in the heart of WINTER (albeit a mild one in most parts of the country), I find myself dreaming today about being somewhere warm and sunny with an umbrella in my drink. Of course, in my dream, I'm there because I was hired to shoot an amazing wedding or destination job, and I'm relaxing afterwards, which is why my SHOOTSAC would also be in this dream!

This shot was from December when I flew down to the Cayman Islands to photograph a stunning wedding on the sand. My second shooter Katie snapped this one while we shot a day after session of the couple:

Google sent us this FAB photo of her fiancee Rob striking a pose with his Shootsac on the beach in Punta Cana! So so awesome!


Got a photo of your SHOOTSAC in an amazing location? Send it in to we post it here, we'll send you the cover of your choice!

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mon. october 3, 2011

Wow, thank you so much for sending in all of your favorite SHOE SHOTS! After looking through all the images, one pair of shoes in particular really stood out to me as completely original and very unique! This shot was sent in by Richard Flores who wins a $25 shootsac gift card! Check out the winners:

A VERY close second goes to this photo, which really captures a moment as well as a beautiful pair of shoes. Thanks Kate Lane of Red Feather for this photo:

And because last weeks COWBOY sale at Shootsac went so well, a beautiful country-casual photo was sent in by Laura Elizabeth and deserves a mention here:


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wed. september 28, 2011

Well, after a long hard search for the PERFECT shooting shoes, I put my feet up last night and looked through the submissions. Wow, do you ever have a wide range of footwear! It was a touch decision, but I think I found our winner. Here are the contributing factors:

1. That they be FUNCTIONAL
2. That they be FUN too!
3. That they can be worn at a WIDE RANGE of different events with varying degrees of formality/informality
4. That they make me want to run out and buy them right away!

And (drumroll please), the winners are shown here on their owner Jennifer Young!

These were a close runner up from Rebekah Jewell

I dream of being able to shoot a wedding in these (because it means I'd be on a beach somewhere awesome)! From Sofie Torp Hansen


And I must admit, I have always had an affinity for these (from Mandy Solner/a>:

Now, unfortunately, Jennifer bought hers at a boutique in Singapore and despite my best efforts to locate them to buy, I struck out. BUT I did find a few other pairs that I LOVE that I'll be trying out! Click on any of them to buy them:

These are similar to Jennifer's


Check out these adorable T-Strap Flats!!

And for the offbeat but RAD shooter, I can't get enough of these!

And that's our best shoe wrap up for the day!


Now we will have another contest for another $25 gift card!! I want you to email me your FAVORITE SHOE SHOTS from weddings! Just one shot per customer please, just your absolute very favorite pair, shot, or bride! Email them 850px on the long side to anytime TODAY!

Oh, and don't forget to **SHOP SHOOTSAC**--our sale is only happening for a couple more days!!

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wed. july 20, 2011


As I mentioned below, the nursery wasn't exactly a point of contention between Jeff and I, but rather a negotiation of bringing both of our styles into the room. We both agreed on the idea that we wanted it to be a fun, colorful, interesting space for our baby boy to enjoy looking at (and suit our own eyes as well)!

When designing the nursery-inspired JOY COVER (limited edition) this month, we wanted to bring that sense of detail to YOU! That's why we decided to add a little detail in addition to the already so-stinkin-cute red ball trim that carried over from the nursery--this little HEART PIN!

This heart pin is attached to EACH AND EVERY Joy cover purchased (and there's only a few to go around). You can use it on the cover, swap it to another cover, or use it as a little detail in your own nursery or home! And I have to say, I am already quite excited to do something fun with it for Valentine's Day!

Speaking of detail and the nursery, if you know me, I am a PROCRASTINATOR! Jeff was feeling a bit anxious up until this week because the nursery wasn't exactly...done. Truth be told, we are still waiting on ONE key piece of it!

Because of this (and the VERY small size of the nursery), when it came time to photograph the Shootsac Joy Cover, it just wasn't going to be able to take place in the nursery itself. I wanted to have a shoot with some fun and character that also brought the nursery theme out into the open!

Luckily, most of my friends either have recently had or are about to have BABIES! They are EVERYWHERE these days in Ladera (we joke that if you want a baby, drink the water here! If you don't...bring your own :) ). I got my good friend Candice Brooke and her two month old son Oslo to be our models for this little shoot!

Here are some of the fun photos from the shoot that you didn't get to see!


Seriously, I hope I look anything like this after having a baby!!!

Just CLICK THE BANNER BELOW to pick up a $150 Shootsac or a LIMITED EDITION "JOY" COVER!!! Sale ends Friday :)

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thu. june 23, 2011

Ah, SUMMER! It's finally here, and it's never been easier to make summer translate perfectly to your outfit with a brand new Shootsac cover!

This month, we've got three new covers available (two florals and one for you MEN!), as well as a killer deal on all time best seller, BAROQUE! Just click the banner below to check out the SUMMER STYLES. The sale only runs till TUESDAY, so don't waste a second!

Are you a computer geek? Be proud! Might as well also be stylish with a summer special on our famous HIPSLIP! It's on sale this week only for a devestatingly low $59. Now you've got no excuse!

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thu. june 9, 2011

Continuing with our "June Blooms" theme, today we have a gorgeous bouquet from our friend Britney Melton!

Brittney says:

"I grew up with the Bride and just got to know the Groom this past year. We all live in the same city and hang out often. The Bride is an AMAZING diy-er... she designed her whole wedding beautifully and now she's looking to do it full time for other brides."


Isn't this a GORGEOUS photo?!

Brittney also says her favorite flower is tulips :)

Want to submit a bloom of your own?! Here's the rules:

Send us:

1. Your favorite flower shot
2. Your favorite thing about the couple whose wedding the flowers came from
3. Your favorite flower

Email submissions to:

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thu. april 28, 2011

Do you know that every single month we send out a NEWSLETTER full of tips, tricks, and just general good to know information? The best part about it is that you don't have to own a Shootsac or even be a professional photographer to receive it! It is completely FREE, and we love producing it for you every month, so sign up for it, and sign up a friend while you're at it! Just click the little button below to get onto our mailing list :)

This month, we discussed shooting with natural light indoors, since with the icky weather recently, that's what quite a few of us are stuck with! I asked our readers to send in photos that they've shot indoors, and I'd love to share a couple here today!

This first one from Martha Buchanan is so striking that I just HAD to post it! This is Martha's gorgeous daughter, Molly. How could you ever let your camera leave your hands with a model like this right in front of you every day??

Martha says: "Natural light is stunningly beautiful when done well, and I have been trying to work with it more often! Attached is a photo of my daughter Molly. This portrait was taken using the natural light from a sliding glass door, softened with an old sheer curtain."

Molly, thanks for sending that in!

Got a gorgeous natural light photo to share? Email it with a few words about how you shot it to TODAY!!

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mon. april 25, 2011

All work and no play? Not for International Destination Wedding Photographer Bobby Earle! Although he travels frequently for work, he also makes time for play, and for making friends. His Shootsac seems particularly friendly, no shy bag around here!


Bobby, thanks for sharing!!

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