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fri. february 13, 2009   |  

Yesterday's big winner of "TODAY I AM" is..... (drumroll please)

Kylie Danielson who said:

today i am: I found Sarah Rhoads and was introduced to a refreshing, amazing, rejuvenating photography experience. It was also through her blog (and her ownership of a shootsac) that I found you blog and purchased my shootsac and covers. Pretty sweet! Sarah Rhodes

A girlfriend once told me, “Look at everything in your closet. If it's not an OH HELL YES, then it's an OH HELL NO, Sister!” I like to live my life like that. Life is short. Too short for surrounding yourself with so-so stuff that gets under your skin with a prickly little whisper, “Why did I settle for that thing?” Yep, you deserve to surround yourself with things that celebrate....you. Go with colors that make you happy. Go with style you can call your own. Go boldly in your quest to live your dreams AND be brave enough to tell people right up front who you are.

WEAR your STYLE on your SLEEVE!



Here's the details--you need to make sure you're on the FIRST TO KNOW list to get the email blast.

HIPSLIPS will be PRE-ORDERED! We are accepting only a limited number of pre orders. The bag will be UNDER $100! I think everyone will be happy :)

Expected ship date is mid-April!!!

SHOOTSACS will also be on sale for our tradeshow price: $150!!! Covers will also be on sale at tradeshow pricing for the first time ever, $30 each or 2/$50.

**there also may be some special surprises for those of you on our list**!

THIS SALE ONLY LASTS UNTIL WEDNESDAY NIGHT, at which time the HipSlip, Shootsac, and Covers all go back to normal prices.
Last thing...you know what it is...


Update your style status by posting a comment starting with the words "TODAY I AM" Update throughout today and tonight for your chance to win the last free HIPSLIP of the week!

Play early and often!

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thu. february 12, 2009   |  

Yesterday's big winner of "TODAY I AM" is..... (drumroll please)


today i am: sporting one of my fabulousHayden Harnett handbags! Karolina, send us an email with your address!
I CAN’T WAIT! HIPSLIP is launching in just TWO DAYS!! Our quest to save the creative world
from lame laptop covers is on! If you’re like me, you probably don’t have a desk job—or maybe you do—but who really wants to look like a desk dweller? Starting Saturday, our creative peeps will be able to give boring the slip and rock some laptop style.

One question I seem to be getting asked a lot is "what about us MEN"?? The funny thing is, our creative guys like to look like they don’t give a $#!@ what they threw on, but just ask him about his favorite T-shirt. Or better still, try to toss that awesomely trashed tee in the Good Will bag. None for you, lady. HIPSLIP lets the guys rock it in black OR flaunt some style without resorting to “blue for boys” or some designer’s version of “guy style”.
Now, I know I promised you some photos, and I'm not one to tease, so here we go!

Of course, branding is numero uno...

Our motto!

The best sneak peek at all

Oh, and here's some good news! From SATURDAY TO WEDNESDAY NIGHT, the bag will be available for pre-order (shipping in April) for UNDER $100. No, this is not a joke.

And because I love sneak peeks, here's one more! Thanks to Mark & Candice Brooke and Justin & Amelia Lyon for being my absolute most fun, stylish friends!!

There are SO many photos of these guys with HIPSLIP, but you'll have to wait till SATURDAY to see them!!

Oh..I bet you're still reading for today's contest, right? Leave a comment with a link to your FAVORITE BLOG, WEBSITE, OR PERSON to win a FREE hipslip!! Ready, set, go!

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wed. february 11, 2009   |  

Yesterday's big winner of "TODAY I AM" is..... (drumroll please)

AMY (awilsongirl) who said:

today i am: glad that my husband is home and desperately hoping for some time alone. Ironic much?

I think our first two HIPSLIP winners pretty much say it all: The lives and styles of creative people are fast, varied and can change in a nano second! The way we work and play is unique. And while some people fear snakes and spiders, I run shrieking from office cubicles and 9-5 working hours!

When we made HIPSLIP, we made sure it covered our need for going from black to bold and, carryall or, “Look, Mom, no hands.” It’s one amazingly versatile slip OR bag!. Hey, we’ve heard a lot about what you like about ShootSac, so we brought all your favorite features into the HIPSLIP case design.

HIPSLIP lets you go black and sleek, cruising in stealth bomber style with your ugly cords and gadgets sleekly concealed. You can carry it like a slim notebook cover in your backpack or other bag, or add the strap for hands-free freedom.

One thing I love the best is that you can use ANY of your favorite ShootSac cover on the front pocket OR use the NEW HIP SLIP COVERS to cover the whole sleeve messenger style!!! And here’s a good one: you’ll never have to spit and use your t-shirt to wipe your screen again because all Shootsac covers have lens-cleaning cloth on the back, remember?!


For today's "Today I Am" contest, let's shake it up a little bit! Today I want you to post a comment with a LINK to your absolute FAVORITE style item, product, game, decoration, furniture, wallpaper, paint color--ANYTHING THAT YOU LOVE and want to share with us! I can't wait to see what makes your style YOURS! Play early and often!

**if you don't put an email address and/or website, you cannot win**
Oh and guess what--TOMORROW you'll finally get to see photos!

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tue. february 10, 2009   |  

Yesterday's big winner of "TODAY I AM" is..... (drumroll please)


today i am: going to (secretly) pick up fast food after my husband leaves for work.

Tracy, go ahead and email us your address so we can make sure that you get one of the first five HipSlip's to ship on April 15--at least one good thing will be happening on TAX day!!


One thing I noticed is that creative people love to be able to just grab a few things and go. We like to travel light, think quickly, live life unplugged. At least that’s the idea. But is seems like no matter how well we’ve nailed the life of an urban (or suburban) nomad, we eventually need a power cord. And a power bar. And the latest People mag....you get the idea.

So how do we get our stuff together without looking like a pack mule headed for Machu Pichu?
Enter HIPSLIP. I swear, this sweet, streamlined sleeve holds everything I need without bulk, bulges.
Seriously, who needs more junk in their junk?

HIPSLIP’s holding power

• It’s got plenty of space for power cords, an extra mouse and cables

• It holds long magazines, legal pads and other stuff. (Yay! You’ve arrived without
your prints and presentations getting ripped, torn or garnished with gross stuff)

• You can FIND all those doo dads. The SILVER MESH AIR pocket let’s you see small
stuff, and they won’t slide around and scratch your laptop’s titanium.

• Removable shoulder strap. Work it your way: Go hands free or geek chic with
your notebook sleeve

• PLUS (and who could forget this) a place for your official access to the elixir of caffeinated creatives—your Starbucks card! Well, okay your business card. Above it is a cool little bar on the inside that says, “Today, I am _____”.


You can WIN A HIPSLIP and amuse your Facebook friends by showing us your own “creative style status.” Just go right under this post and update your STYLE STATUS! You can update as many times today as you want!

We’re giving HIPSLIP away every day between now and Saturday, our big launch day. Be sure to check back here to see if you’ve WON!

AND BY THE WAY • Last but not least, HIPSLIP comes in sizes to accommodate the 15-inch and 17inch from MAC
—All cases come with a pocket sized to fit the new MACBOOK AIR.

Once the bags hit the website THIS SATURDAY, VALENTINES' DAY, they will only be up there at the special price for 4 days--while we're in Vegas. After that, they go back to normal price. so make sure you get on our

FIRST TO KNOW> list so you won't get shut out--we're only accepting a limited number of pre-orders at our initial four day sale price. It will be sad if you miss out.


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mon. february 9, 2009   |  


It started innocently enough: I unpacked my Mac from a few days on the road and the poor thing looked like it had been through a war-zone...scratches, dents and some kind of funky—Spray glue? Nail polish? Surely the silver wonder that keeps my photography business, life and s%!# together deserves more respect than that.
And so, the quest for the perfect laptop case began. Keats and I shopped everywhere and found tons of ‘em. But the illusive IT case—the one with style? Not so much. We were pretty picky about craftsmanship, too. AND Apparently, we were going to need to LOWER our standards. If you know me, that's just not how I roll :)

Seriously, even the Apple Store was bereft of anything approaching hip and stylish. I might as well stamp an L on my forehead and report immediately to the nearest cube. What's a creative person to do? Come up with a creative solution, of course!


HipSlip gives creatives the ultimate Design Trifecta: killer style, genius level function, and the quality to take the creative abuse of our busy laptop lives.

This Valentines Weekend, You can FINALLY Wear Your Style On Your Sleeve!!

Express your creative style with hottest new look in laptop cases! HIP SLIP is all about style. It’s sleek, chic and superbly designed. And that's just the black part. Now imagine a kick-ass sleeve hooking up with your favorite Shootsac Cover and you're cooking with gas. Don't even get me started on all the cool functionality.

HIP SLIP wraps your laptop in hip, fresh patterns and colors, proudly thumbing its nose at the notion of “pink for girls and black for guys”. Each sleeve is beautifully constructed with smart, thoughtful details. And in true Shootsac fashion (we always think function first), HipSlip takes the concept of sleeve simplicity, packs it with carefully planned details, and arrives at a smart way to improve your computing life with some serious style.

Finally you can hold all your tools without looking like one. :)

The Hip Slip Pre SALE begins this Saturday, Feb 14th!!!! Join our FIRST TO KNOW" List and we'll include a FREE Shootsac tote with your order.

Now, you know we love to give stuff away, right? So here it is....

HIP SLIP CONTEST: Update your Status. Win a Hip Slip!

For the next 5 DAYS, we're going to tell you why we have absolutely fallen in love with the new HIP SLIP — PLUS, we’re going to make it super fun for 5 of you to WEAR YOUR STYLE ON YOUR SLEEVE and WIN your very own HIP SLIP.

Starting today UPDATE YOUR HIP SLIP Status below in the comments for a CHANCE TO WIN big!

One cool feature of our new bag is that every Hip Slip sleeve comes with a cool gel tag designed to hold your business card. In honor of the ever-changing Twitter and Facebook "Status" and random, roaming brains of creative types, we made it super easy to change. In fact, it's the height of non-committal -- it says TODAY I AM_________.

So EVERY DAY this week -- update your status IN THE COMMENTS HERE ON THIS BLOG. Update your status as often as you like for even MORE CHANCE TO WIN.

For instance...

• TODAY, I AM hot chocolate, Helvetica Narrow and tube socks.
• Today I AM: the mom of a one-eyed, rescued Maltese.
• TODAY I AM: wearing my curly hair super straight and it feels like I borrowed it.

...and that's just Keats in the last 15 minutes :)

Make sure to put in a real email for yourself, you know, so we can email you for your address when you WIN! Posts with no names/emails won't count. Sorry Trolls!

Oh, be sure to CHECK BACK HERE EVERY DAY to see if you’re one of the DAILY HIP SLIP WINNERS!
Get ready to give lame laptop covers the slip! Look for more good stuff throughout the week.

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thu. february 5, 2009   |  

Out here in Orange County, February has not been what I expected. I like my Februarys to be winter coats, building a snowman, drinking hot chocolate, and making handmade Valentines for every kid in the class. I was always so jealous of the February birthday kids in school because they got to bring pink cupcakes with hearts on them and feel loved all month long! Hopefully that still holds true for all of you on this months' birthday list!

If you'd like to get on the Shootsac birthday list to get a special gift code on your b-day, go and **ADD YOURSELF HERE**! We love giving you a birthday present!! It's totally free, so you may as well!


Happy Happy Birthday this month to:

Adeline, Alexis, Alison, Amanda, Amy, Ana, Angel, Annaliza, Ashley, Beth, Betty, Brenda, Bridget, Brigitte, Cailyn, Caitlyn, Carly, Casey, Catherine, Catie, Christina, Corey, Courtney, Deborah, Diana, Elizabeth, Ellen, Elma, Emily, Erika, Erin, Gina, Gisele, Glenda, Hana, Heather, Helen, Hope, JC, Jamie, Jan, Janey, Jeannie, Jen, Jenn, Jennifer, Jessica, Jill, Jodi, Joy, Judy, Julia, Julie, Kallie, Karen, Kate, Kathleen, Katyann, Kay, Kelly, Kim, Kirsten, Kylie, Lee, Leah, Lisa, Malia, Mandie, Marcin, Marcia, Maria, Matt, Meghan, Melanie, Michele, Mikal, Mollie, Naomi, Nicki, Nicola, Nicole, Nuno, Philip, Rachel, Rebecca, Sabine, Sacha, Sally, Samantha, Sandy, Sara, Sarah, Shannon, Sharon, Shawna, Sheila, Stacey, Stacy, Stewart, Sue, Terilee, Terri, Tonya, Vanessa, Wendi, Wonho, Zion

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tue. february 3, 2009   |  

Being a North Carolina girl myself, of course my interest was flagged when I read the text of the email that Meghan of Meggi Leigh Photo. However, it didn't really register with me because I though this shot was done somewhere more exotic, like Egypt, or another desert! Meghan shot this photo of her sister Kelli Cohee.

Meghan & Kelli, thanks for sending this in--it's amazing!!

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mon. february 2, 2009   |  

One of my favorite photographers has always been Joseph Victor Stefanchik. The guy is just a genius at lighting and composition, so much so that I flew out to Philadelphia and Dallas a couple of years ago to learn from him. He is offering another one of his seminars coming up, and I wanted to let everyone know about it because it would be such an amazing experience to attend! plus, he sent me the rad photo below :)

Thanks JVS!!

Start 2009 off fresh with a hands-on Workshop!

JVS & Anne's 2 Day Lighting and Portrait Workshop will show you how to make
small strobes look big along with hands-on shooting (yes, you will be shooting)
in 10+ lighting scenarios!

Explore the world of light with JVS through multiple demonstrations and
in studio learning. You will learn how to effectively use your own strobes,
modify your strobes and have the chance to shoot with AlienBees monolights.

Anne will help you breathe fresh air into your portraits by offering ideas
on how to connect and control with your portrait clients.

New for 2009 is the From RAW to WOW! 1 Day Workshop.

From RAW to WOW! will teach you the importance of a calibrated monitor
and color managed workflow, RAW conversion and working with the Totally Rad
actions. JVS and Anne will also present live printing demonstrations with
Red River inkjet papers.

For more information please visit JVSWORKSHOP


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